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Project management

Securing the progress of the project
Project management

The goal of project management is to retain complete control of a projects progress to ensure results. We will help you execute your projects to ensure that they reach all of their targets.

Construction management
The role and behavior of the construction manager has a major impact on the project's outcome, not only in terms of keeping deadlines but also the project's overall economy.

As a construction manager, we want to help our customers ensure that a project keeps both the schedule and budget that has been set for it.

Property development
Most properties have the potential to increase in value with the right handling.
We will assist you in analyzing land and real estate to determine what needs to be done to increase the property’s value.
Once determined, we can also help prepare documents and plan for later stages such as building permits and future zoning.

Legal advice related to the Swedish Planning and Building Act
Keeping up to date on all of the changes in the Swedish Planning and Building Act can be difficult, especially when those changes affect your projects.
We have the competency and experience in several types of licensing and permit issuance and can offer consultation, coordination, and help in exercising public authority.

Quality control manager
We are certified with the highest nationally recognized qualification (level K) required for constructions of a complicated nature. We have a broad level of experience from both small and large scale projects and we are constantly updating ourselves according to the latest building legislation.