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Energy and environment

Sustainable energy supply and good environmental conditions
Energy and environment

Energy and the environment are two words that go hand in hand today, both are of increasing importance to community building. It is for that reason we consider it very important to keep up to date on developments in these areas so that we can provide services that comply with current legal requirements.

The safest way to make sure that an energy usage calculation fulfills the latest requirements is to use standardized and verified calculation models.

Our energy calculations are done in accordance with the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning’s regulations which conform to the EU standard. Do you need assistance in dimensioning the amount of insulation you need in walls, foundations, ceilings, or what heating system you need to meet the requirements? We can provide a comprehensive analysis of materials and installations to ensure a cost-effective and sustainable energy supply.

Building acoustics deals with the noise and acoustics in buildings, mainly sound insulation and noise reduction. Audio and reverberation in rooms are treated in space acoustics.

We have both expertise and experience in noise mapping and noise measurements, ensuring good sound in all types of buildings and surroundings.

It is vital to consider moisture already during the design stage, this is to avoid damaging moisture sources later. We have the competency to offer moisture safe designs and engineering.

We are also approved to conduct moisture testing according to SBR (Swedish National Building Engineers Union) . We perform moisture testing by measuring the relative humidity, moisture ratio, and vapor content. At our disposal we have an array of instruments, these have made us very knowledgeable in how the technology works and how the equipment is to be handled.