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Digital solutions

Digital solutions that simplify and streamline
Digital solutions

Websites that deliver what visitors want in a simple and intelligent manner are what strengthens a brand. Poorly thought-out solutions create frustration and reluctance amongst returning users. By designing systems and services according to how users actually use them, the credibility of the entire organization increases.

Advanced digital solutions play an increasingly important role in developing the cities and communities of tomorrow. Consultants at Svarking have extensive experience in web and app development. Our developers are experts in usability and accessibility, we create new solutions and improve existing ones to match customer and user requirements and expectations. We also ensure that our solutions work on different platforms, in different browsers, and for people with disabilities.

We develop smart digital solutions according to your needs.

Digital quality management
Thanks to our combined knowledge and experience in quality management and digital solutions, we can create and develop web-based solutions that both simplify and secure the quality of your work.

Web and system development
In today's digital society, the web is becoming both a company's face outward and the main platform for communication. Helping companies design uncomplicated yet good looking information-oriented websites is something we've become experts at.

Graphic profile
Developing a graphic profile means creating the framework for how a company's graphics should look and be used. If this hasn’t been determined, then the quality of a company’s brand will suffer and its means of communication will be seen as unprofessional.
The collective material of a graphic profile is outlined in a graphic manual that is then used as a rule book, employees can then see how their company’s graphics should look and be used.
We want to help you strengthen your graphic profile and market presence. 

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